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Re: Foolproof way to cook rice

> NOTE: If some have told you that the rice cooking recipes that I gave you
> aren't as nutritious as steaming rice - hummmmm - maybe so, I donno. I take
> a vitamin and mineral capsule every day to supplement my diet for this very
> reason. Good luck -
> Cajun Joe

Please explain why steaming rice is healthier than boiling it.

I cook rice both ways depending on the use.  What's more, my pressure
cooker method involves putting the rice in water in a bowl and then in
the cooker which has water in it to steaam it.

I can understand why boiling vegetables loses the vitamins-you throw the
water away, along with all the vitamins.  If I cook vegetables, I steam
them in a steamer or the microwave.

But with rice, it absorbs the water.  If it's rinsing you're worried
about, only imported rice needs rinsing.  It has no vitamins added like
some USA rice and needs the rinsing for sanitary reasons.  I do not
rinse rice after cooking, if that's the problem, just fluff and serve.