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RE: Vancouver

What kind of food do you like?  There are tons of great Vegetarian   
restaurants in Vancouver.  It has been my experience that the servers   
here are very accomodating to individual requests.  I am a vegan and when   
the menu doesn't have something on it for me - I usually just ask them to   
prepare something to my liking.  I've never been turned down yet.   
 Vancouver is a virtual mecca of ethnic restaurants - especially Eastern   
 - so you should find something to please you.  Some suggestions would be   
Bo-Jik (Buddhist food), Buddhist Vegearian, Cafe Deux Soleils, Govinda's   
Restaurant, Habibi's, The Naam, Planet Veg, and Woodlands.  Also  - if   
you would like to picnic I would suggest the Natural Food Stores of   
Capers or Choices.  They both have great delis and great selections of   
vegetarian and specialty foods.  Feel free to email me privately for some   
suggestions.  I'd love to help out.

Lisa Luscombe
Vancouver, British Columbia

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I'll be going to Vancouver for a conference in a few weeks and hope some   
you will have recommendations on where to eat.