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griinding wheat in Vitamix

>You talked about grinding your own wheat berries to make flour using your
>Vitamix. I am assuming a Vitamix is a food processor. How can I grind wheat
>berries with my food processor? Do i use a regular blade? Do I need a
>particular type of wheat berries?   Any suggestions?
>Thanks, Annette


The Vitamix is not a food processor. It's a beefed-up, heavy duty blender,
sort of.  It looks like a blender, but the blades are not the same. They are
built-in, and very blunt.  It does not cut food up, like the blades in a
regular blender.  It goes so fast that it just smashes the food all to
pieces. It also has the capability to reverse the motion of the blades
almost instantly.  The result is that the food is going round and round one
way, and suddenly the blades reverse their motion, thus doubling the
"smashing" power.

I generally try to find the wheat berries that are suitable for bread (hard
spring), and that is what is usually sold in bulk at HF stores, I've found.
My husband and I travel fulltime in our RV, and don't stay anywhere for very
long (usually) so I find stuff at different places depending on where I am.
Sometimes they have wheat in the bulk bins at grocery stores.  And I did
find a variety  once that wasn't the red kind, it was much whiter and
resulted in a much lighter loaf of bread. I don't remember the name of the
wheat though.

Anyway, I don't think you can do this with a regular food processor.  I also
grind up flax seed to use as an egg replacer, and I tried it once in a food
processor and gave up. (I have a little food processor that I use for
quantities that are too small for the Vitamix, since the Vitamix requires
enough volume to cover the blades in order to work).  Anyway, I only wanted
a small amount but I ended up processing it in the Vitamix, and just
freezing what was leftover.  The difference was amazing. The Vitamix did the
job in about 10 seconds.  I would've been all day trying to do it in that
little food processor.