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rice cookers/vege steamers

I asked for a rice cooker/vege steamer for
Christmas.  My Mom got me one.  There is 
only one very disappointing problem, and
I was hoping you all could help.  

All grains stick to it.  It's aluminum.
The book that comes with it, has you
adding oil, which obviously is to keep
it from sticking.  I've tried spraying
with PAM and really didn't help.  Now
I just keep a close eye on it and turn 
it down before it's done and off while
there is still alittle water.  This is
hard to time just right and defeats the
purpose of the machine.

Even the vege steaming part is weird.
I have to put my veges in a bowl inside
the thing.  This limits the amount of
veges you can cook.  It also cooks
the top veges too much and the bottom
ones are not cooked at all.  Did Mom
goof?  It's not like her at all, but I
did confuse her with this request.

Faith Hood