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Re: Food for Children

Hi,  a comment on "Secrets of Fatfree Baking".  Maybe it's the recipes
I tried, but I am not thrilled with it (if anyone can suggest things to
try let me know!).  It's not fatfree (except for a couple of recipes), 
but I highly recommend "Have Your Cake and Eat it Too" by Susan Purdy,
especially if you are interested in baking desserts in general (it's
not a health oriented book, but focuses on lowering fat content of
traditional dessert recipes.)  I just made my daughter's birthday 
chocolate cake from it so it is kid tested :-)   Purdy discusses the 
trade-offs that makes her stops where she does for lowering fat, but 
depending on your tastebuds you can probably substitute a little more 
(I have done so fairly successfully with several things). But for 
children, the recipes as is are probably fine.  

If you want to boost nutritional value, substituting some (up to half)
of the white flour with whole wheat (probably pastry) flour usually 
works, esp. with chocolate treats since they won't notice the color :-)
Also, I agree that many of the recipes posted here are overly sweet.
I usually cut down the sugar by 2/3 (or 1/2 if it really seems sweet).

However, I personally worry more about additives and preservatives with 
Alissa's food rather than sugar, since she is thin, and seems to have
no problems metabolizing sugar of any sort.  Probably helps also that
she is so picky that she doesn't even like most sweets (unlike her mom :-)
... I think her favorite dessert is canned (in juice) pineapple !!!

Aiko Pinkoski