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RE: English products

>  I have recently joined the fatfree mailing list and finding it a great 
>     source of information. I am currently living in London, UK (I am 
>     Australian) and have no idea whether the majority of the products 
>     everyone talks about are available here, such as low-fat tofu, the 
>     different fat-free egg substitutes, fat-free cheeses etc. Does anyone 
>     know???
I was living in the UK last year, and found quite afew of the US products
were available in specialty health food shops (probably more so than in
Australia). You might want to try Holland and Barrett, they stock a lot of
vegetarian products. I can't remember if they stock MoriNu lite tofu, but I
was definitely able to get it from my local HFS in Glasgow, so I'm sure it
would be available elsewhere. I also remember seeing the egg replacers
there too. As for low fat or fat free cheese - forget it! The lowest fat
cheese I was able to find was still 10% fat! 
Hope this helps. Even though there are plenty of vegetarians in the UK, I
found it difficult maintaining a low-fat/fat-free lifestyle.
regards, Liz
Liz Walkley
Circulation Supervisor,
Sturt Library
Flinders University of South Australia
phone    8201 3284
fax      8201 3186