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re: Breaking the meat mentality

My 2 cents:

When I crave the meat, starch, vegetable dinner mom used to make,
I have a Gardenburger on bread with all the condiments, cooked frozen
or fresh veggies, and some kind of potato (microwaved whole or baked sliced
french fries). The key for me is the lettuce, tomato, a good mustard and
ketchup on the veggie burger, and some good seasoning salt or ketchup
on the baked fries. I find that is where most of the taste came from
not the meat (as I remember :-)  )

Also, to get around the traditional meals I grew up on, I make lots of
'stirfries', with tofu instead of meat (Mori Nu Lite extra firm tofu is
in fat) , with lots of tasty garlic and ginger and some soy sauce. I have
over rice or chinese noodles or pasta for variety.

I hope that gives you some ideas...

Kelly Carney

Stephanie Ayn Land wrote:. So here is the
> question any ideas on menu options that involve more than one dish
> that would be a more natural segue to a vegetarian lifestyle. We don't
> eat that much meat right now, but I am getting tired of casseroles. I
> miss the variet of more than one dish but I can't figure out how to
> get over the mentality that says that you build your meal around the
> meat you eat.... Thanks for any help that you can give me.
> Steph