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I've had great success keeping asparagus in the following manner: When you
bring a bunch home - cut off the bottom half-inch. Then find a container
approximately the same diameter as your bundle at least 3 to 4 inches high.
 Put about 1 tsp. sugar in the container and water to about 3/4 inch (I use
some hot water to dissolve the sugar and then add either an ice cube and/or
cold water). Put the asparagus in the container and cover with a plastic
bag and tighten around the container  and  tie with a tie (not air tight -
you're creating a greenhouse). Put in the refrigerator and it will keep up
to two weeks.  I also keep corn on the cob this way -- buy it in the husk
and cut the bottom off up to the bottom of the ear. It takes more room in
the refrigerator - but for fresh tasting corn on the cob - anything goes.
My mother used this method on corn and asparagus. Has anyone else used this
method?  Hope this helps.
 From (finally) sunny Arizona - Patty