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Re: Breaking the meat mentality...

Stephanie Ayn Land wrote:. So here is the
> question any ideas on menu options that involve more than one dish
> that would be a more natural segue to a vegetarian lifestyle. We don't
> eat that much meat right now, but I am getting tired of casseroles. I
> miss the variet of more than one dish but I can't figure out how to
> get over the mentality that says that you build your meal around the
> meat you eat.... Thanks for any help that you can give me.
> Steph

I have some of these difficulties, too.  We've been vegetarians for
about a year now.  Mostly we eat a rice/pasta/grain dish with a
vegetable or salad on the side.  Soup with corn bread works, too.  This
leaves potatoes in the dust.  Somehow mashed potatoes and broccoli
doesn't seem like a meal.  One meal I discovered that seeems to work is
a double baked potato with a vegetable or two on the side.  It is also
attractive.  Also, rice pilaf with vegetable(s) or mac 'n' cheese with
vegetable(s).  If your food is many different colors it helps, too. 
Tacos or tostadas made with beans are fun, too.