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Breaking the meat mentality...

I am trying to eat more vegetarian meals (trying to make the switch to vegetarianism a little less painful for both of me and dh) and my dh is really supportive (he'll eat whatever I put on his plate thank god). My question is I have a weird feeling every time I try to make vegetarian meals (other than the veggie chili or beans and bread one food type meals.) I seem to have a meat mentality (i.e. meat, a starchy veggie dish and a colourful veggie dish). So here is the question any ideas on menu options that involve more than one dish that would be a more natural segue to a vegetarian lifestyle. We don't eat that much meat right now, but I am getting tired of casseroles. I miss the variet of more than one dish but I can't figure out how to get over the mentality that says that you build your meal around the meat you eat.... Thanks for any help that you can give me.