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McDougall MWL

McDougall MWL is really a very simple plan to follow.  You just cut out 
all processed foods, No pasta, bread, tortillas, bagels, pretzels, etc.  
Focus on whole grains such as brown rice, wheat berries, barley, rye, 
corn, etc.  Oatmeal is great for breakfast mixed with a little oatbran.  
You can add a little sugar to the surface of your foods, he makes a 
point of saying this.  Any kinds of potatoes are allowed, 2 servings of 
fruit daily, these should be non-cooked and no juice.  You can also have 
legumes such as peas, beans, lentils, etc.  I suggest trying to check 
the book out of the library if you're not able to buy one.  I have 
always had great success with this program if I really stick to it.  I 
try to exercise 4-5 days a week also.  I hope this helps. I forgot to 
mention the veggies, they are really important. In the book he talks 
about different portions of starches to veggies.  I have never been one 
to try to measure 1/2 veggies or 1/2 starch.  I just stick by the 
principles of the program and have always done just fine.  Hope this 
helps you.


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