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Meatloaf sans meat

Greetings all,

I've been lurking for quite some time and limp along as a moderate cook who
requires cookbooks and specific instructions. I never cooked much before
our daughter came to us, so I'm learning as fast as I can. Your recipes do
help alot. 

But I have a problem: My SAD father-in-law is spending time here at the
house and I want to fix him something he'd enjoy eating with mashed
potatoes. I was thinking of a good, hearty loaf of some sort. I've made
sans-meat loaves in the past and they're OK, but they tasted like something
a vegetarian would enjoy. know what I mean? They also tend to be a bit soft
-- not firm like a good meatloaf. 

Does anyone have a good loaf recipe that would satisy a SAD man and also
work well for sandwiches the next day? Thanks much. You can email at home
if you like: dawng@xxxxxxxxxxx Thanks much for you assistance and your
cooking skills.  

Cordially, dawn

dawn groves