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Meatloaf sans meat

>>>>> "Dawn" == Dawn Groves <dawng@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Dawn> Greetings all, I've been lurking for quite some time and
    Dawn> limp along as a moderate cook who requires cookbooks and
    Dawn> specific instructions. I never cooked much before our
    Dawn> daughter came to us, so I'm learning as fast as I can. Your
    Dawn> recipes do help alot.

    Dawn> But I have a problem: My SAD father-in-law is spending time
    Dawn> here at the house and I want to fix him something he'd enjoy
    Dawn> eating with mashed potatoes. I was thinking of a good,
    Dawn> hearty loaf of some sort. I've made sans-meat loaves in the
    Dawn> past and they're OK, but they tasted like something a
    Dawn> vegetarian would enjoy. know what I mean? They also tend to
    Dawn> be a bit soft

I use Green Giant burger crumbles (come frozen in a plastic bag). Thaw
them in the mocrowave (2 - 3 minutes on hig, depending on your
microwave), and use in whatever meatloaf recipe you like. You have to
get the moiture right - neither too wet or dry. Stir the mixture withs
a spoon til the burger crumbles break down and absorb the
moisture. The texture should be just like regular meatloaf. Also, make
sure to pack it into the loaf or cake pan tightly, or it will be
crubly when cooked.

If you need a complete recipe, please let me know and I'll post one.

Dave Wallis