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MMWL, rice cooker & steaming

Debbie, I think lite tofu is on the caution list rather than the no list 
for MMWL, but maybe I that is just an exception I decided to make.  Sorry 
if I steered anyone wrong!  Even with moderate tofu intake, the MMWL works 
like nothing else ever has.

BTW, whoever suggested steaming sweet potatoes in the rice cooker, thanks! 
  Last night I steamed artichokes and sweet potatos in my rice cooker for 
50 minutes, and they were perfect.

I received a much fancier rice cooker for my birthday than I was dreaming 
of, so I am trying to take advantage of the timed cooking to have dinner 
ready when we get home.  Indian recipes seem to work especially well.  I am 
experimenting with barley (not the quick kind) as a grain with a more 
vegetable-compatible cooking time.  Has anyone had good luck with other 
grains in rice cookers or crock pots?

Now that I have the rice cooker and the pressure cooker, I'm inclined to 
get rid of all the rest of my pots and pans!   I should have some recipes 
to post later, once I prove that they work more than once.