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Soy and MWL

This is in response to Debbie Cowherd's question: 

 I am (was?) pretty sure that soy products are on the "no
> no" list for MWLP, even the lite tofu.  I lent the book out to somebody so
> I can't check--did I remember it wrong?
> mailto:Debbie@xxxxxxxxx
> Iowa City, Iowa

You are correct, the MWLP does eliminate all soy products simply because
McDougall says they are higher in fat.  He does suggest eating other legumes
though, i.e. lentil, black beans, etc.  It is important to remember to keep in
mind the ratio of yellow/green vegetables to grains when determining the time
period with which to lose the weight.  He states that you can lose weight faster
if you keep the ratio 3:1.  Don't forget to incorporate a workout plan with
weight training as well.