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Re: Champagne

Uuhhhhh.... we dumped champagne all over sliced veggies and let them sit
until we got tired of waiting, then we squirted it all over them as they
cooked to keep them moist.  Not rocket science. :)


On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, Gayle D. Green wrote:

> hi-
> 	I just saw Sandra Mort's post about Champagne marinade and I have to
> ask-how you do this? I mean, how long do you marinade the veggies for and
> what veggies did you think were good like this? Your idea sounds great, and
> since both my closest male friend as well as my boyfriend can't live
> without a barbeque grill in the summer (although the thought of anything
> but m**t on the grill is beyond them), I've got to have something other
> than tofu dogs to eat when we break out the grill.
> Waiting anxiously for the bad weather to pass here in tornado-hit Nashville--
> Gayle
> Gayle Dannette Green
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