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Depends on the form.  Our HFS sells 4 types of Stevia.  Whole Leaf,
Green Powder
(ground leaves), Dark Liquid Extract, Clear Liquid Concentrate, White
Powder.  All are relatively expensive.  The Concentrates have been
"refined" and are
about 300X as sweet as sugar. They also do not have the medicinal
benefits of the
whole leaf products.   The whole leaf and dark extract are about 30 X as
sweet as
sugar.  I use 3 drops of the dark extract in a cup of coffee and it is
very sweet.   I
bought a 2 ounce bottle of the dark extract in October and am about 1/2
- 2/3 the way
through it.  It really goes a long way.  If you try it and have a bitter
taste, you
have probably used too much (or have a poor quality product, Wisdom of
the Ancients
and Only Natrual are two products that I know are good, but I don't know
about other brands)  Good Luck.

I have used the powdered herb in baking.  I was advised to add it to the
liquid ingredients and allow it to "steep" a few minutes before adding
wet and dry ingredients.  I was very satisfied with the results in using
stevia this way too.


> From: Sandra Lutz <sandral@xxxxxxxxxx>
> I haven't tried it yet.  I went to the HFS and found it was $18.00 for
> oz.  That sounds so expensive.  Is anyone else using it and does that
> sound like the usual price range?
> Sandy