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easy Surinamese Recipes, Carribbean Rice

>Hello everybody,
>A few days ago I posted this recipe:
>>Curry potatoes and butter beans
>Some one asked me om my private adress two questions about
>the recipes. I give the answers here too, because the
>questions mentioned I made mistakes in my translating the
>> 1/2  pound butter beans, cut in pieces from about a
>>What are butter beans?  I sometimes see them canned in the
>store.  Is
>>this what you mean or is there an idiomatic difference?
>According tot my dictionary the name for the vegetable I
>mean is "butter bean", but when I saw two days after
>the recipe in a store a can of butter beans, I thought:
>In an English cookery book the vegetable I mean is called:
>french beans.  I try to describe them: grean beans, about 3
>till 4 inches long, tasty, done in about 7 minutes
>A phalanx is, again according tot my dictionary, the part
>your finger between two joints. So the beans should be cut
>in pieces about 1/2 till 2/3 inch long.
>If you like the patato recipe, you can make a variation by
>using egg plant instead of french beans. The egg plant
>should be simmering all the time with the patatoes. I use
>this recipe some salt because patatoes and egg plant
>together can be a bit flat.
>I hope I clarified the indistinctnesses
>>Caribbean Rice
>In Holland, where I come from, it is also common to name
>recipes with (cooked) fruit in it, "Caribbean", but in the
>Surinamese kitchen and in the (Dutch) Antilles kitchen this
>combination is unknown. Surinamese who know this
>from recipes in Dutch magazines or from living in Holland,
>in general dislike it. Strange, isn't it?