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re: banana bread ideas

Hi All

I'm normally a lurker, but I just had to pipe up in defence of the
miracle banana bread!  Really, I love the stuff, as do several of my
seriously SAD friends (who normally cringe or refuse to try my latest
fat-free creation).  I actually made 8 of them last weekend, as I found
some ripe bananas marked down.  The only other "fatfree" cake I can
stand is the chocolate cake made with yogurt that I posted several weeks
ago...back to bananas...

The secret to my success has been careful addition of the bananas. 
Sometimes it only takes 4 or 5.  I actually do bother to measure the
stuff -- about two cups is right, but I often leave about 1/3 cup in the
measuring cup, and add gradually later if it needs it.  The dough is
very stiff, and I stir just until mixed.  It has to be quite forceably
spread in the pan, if you know what I mean.

Mine comes out absolutely wonderful.  Moist, but definitely firm enough
to be a "bread", not a pudding.  Not heavy, as I find many fat-free
banana breads and cakes to be, despite the fact that I use at least 1/2c
whole wheat flour.  More whole wheat flour makes it a bit denser and
heavier, but still very nice.  The bananas make it quite sweet, and I
actually put in less than the 1/2 cup sugar called for (and I've got a
serious sweet tooth).

I'll repeat the recipe that I'm using, in case perhaps something has
been mis-typed...enjoy, all!

Bonanza Banana Bread

Mix together:
2 c mashed banana (about 4 large or 6 small)
1/2 sugar (I use about 1/3 cup)
1 t vanilla

Mix separately:
1 1/2 c white flour
1/2 c whole wheat flour
2 t baking powder 
1/2 t baking soda
1/2 t salt
shake of cinnamon

Fold dry ingredients into wet, just til blended.
Bake in loaf pan at 350 for about 1 hour.