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Vegans, potato skins

Gloriamarie wrote: "My question was: those of you who have successfully 
made the switch to a vegan diet, how do you live without butter, Parmesan 
cheese and extra sharp cheddar, feta, yoghurt, buttermilk?"  Then she asked 
"So are there any vegans on this list who are like me?"

My wife and I are two of those. And I'm sure there are lots more on FatFree.
We love veganism . As far as cheese goes,  we use soy cheese instead of FF or 
regular cheese.  There are lots of kinds of soy cheese, but maybe people on FF 
could recommend what they like best. A while ago I found a parmesan-style 
soy cheese made by Light Life that we use on all sorts of things.  It's really 
great. I think there's also a soy substitute for butter or margarine, but I'm not  
a butter fan and don't need a substitute for it, so  can't say much about that. 
As far as I know, there's no sugar added to the good-quality soy  stuff.

But I think Jane was right when she said not to try to substitute. Just find 
new things you like and switch over to them.

Another thought:

Monica talked about potatoes, which are really good for you if you don't pile 
them up with fattening stuff before you eat them.  But I wonder about 
leaving the skins on potatoes, particularly when they're grown 
commercially. In one place I read that the skin is the healthiest part of a 
potato, but in another I read  that it's  the worst thing for you in a potato 
because of all the insecticides and stuff that are sprayed on the conventional 
kinds. What do you all think?

Shawn Lovley