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Jr. Juiceman, brown rice, potatoe skins

For Chris, I have the Juiceman's Junior jucier and it is wonderful.  I
used to make juice for the week and never had any problems using carrots
and all other kinds of vegies and fruit.  The clean up is minimal with
all the bulk going into the bin.  I have been using my blender recently
to make juice from frozen fruits, not because I do not like the juicer
but because making the fruit is much easier this way.

I cook short grain brown rice a few times a week in a large saute pan
with plenty of water stirring occasionally but basically let it cook for
an hour.  I comes out very tender.  I think using enough water to allow
it to cook slowly is the key.

Has anyone every tried re-cooking the potatoe and sweet potatoe skins in
the microwave after eating the potatoe.  I have been doing this lately
and it brings back memories of eating potatoe chips which I haven't done
for many years.  They come out very crispy and crunchy and really taste