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Dear all,

This is my first time of posting so please be gentle with me.

I have been very interested in this list with all the great 
information that has been posted, but I have a couple of questions 
which somebody might be kind enough to help me with (today is 
question day for those of you also connected to balance).

#1 I love sugar in tea and coffee but I'm looking for an alternative 
that is low in calories, fat-free and as natural as possible, any 

#2 Where in the U.K. can I buy "Snyder's mini fat free pretzels"?

Also I thought that I would post a quick recipe while I'm here. 
Somebody wrote that fat free and British diet cannot be said in the 
same breath, well they are correct but it has been my quest to make 
some low fat alternatives to the things I was brought up on. One of 
these was apple crumble which I love but will not eat because it is 
full of fat so I did my own.

Apples, cooking or eating (eating need's less sugar)
Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste
Bran cereal 
Couple slices of brown bread
2 egg whites.

Ok the quantites of the above depend on how much, sorry to be vague 
but I never measure or go by cooking times. I'm a waste of space!

Right cut apples into smaller chunks (peel cooking apples) and put in 
a pot in a little water and gently stew them, add cinnamon and nutmeg 

While that is happening use a blender to crumble the bran and the 
bread and add the egg whites.

Once the apple is soft remove from the heat and place in a oven proof 
dish, add a bit more you want, like fruit or spices.

Spoon on topping and spread out over fruit.

Add a little sugar on the top and bake in the oven until the top 
looks crisp.

Serve with whatever comes to mind.

I know it is not a great recipe but it is quite nice.

Hope your all well.