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salad dressings

     Hi, Karen

     Congrats on making your own salad dressings.  I love doing that!  I
     had the same problem with thin dressings and I finally started doing
     the following things:  I would add some chopped or pureed fresh herbs
     since the bulk of them would seem to thicken the dressing; I started
     to use orange juice concentrate instead of regular oj (this works
     really well); and finally, I would put it is the food processor
     forever and just let it whirl itself into a thicker state.

     My favorite dressing was one in which I made an orange juice base with
     garlic and red wine vinegar and then whirled it in the food processor
     which still held the remnants of my 'pesto'.  It was fabulous!  Just
     that bit of basil and yumminess, it was terrific.

     Also, I can't remember who placed this, but the Spinach Dip is a giant
     hit in my house.  My boyfriend and I both love it; in fact, last nite
     it was a little more of our dinner than in should be!  Thanks!  Oh,
     also thanks to the two who placed that awesome banana bread recipe!

     Hope this helps.