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Going cheeseless

hey all-
	In response to Gloriamarie, who asked about going vegan, and to everyone
else who's interested. I have to say, being dairyless now since September
has been easy. I had been dairy-free since the end of May, and then I had
some cheese on my 21st birthday in September, because I was craving it so
badly. I don't know about anyone else, but I have a very touchy digestive
system (which is why i'm vegan). I ate that cheese and got miserably ill.
that is why I won't touch cheese with a 10-foot pole anymore. So this is my
advice-try to kick cheese for as long as possible on willpower. If you can
stand it a few months, then eat a brick of some really gross, fatty cheese.
Get as sick as anything, and believe me, you'll never eat cheese again. 
Cheeseless-and-not puking-