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Re: Giving up dairy

Gah!  I have to reply, and I probably shouldn't, since it's late at night
and I'm cranky, but I will anyway...

I was vegan for 4 years, having gone cold turkey (forgive the expression)
from omnivore.  I experienced cravings for meat for a few weeks at most,
but had horrible nightmarish cravings for dairy for the entire time.  I
hate the taste of nutritional yeast, I hate the taste of the casein free
soy cheese (and someone mentioned a soy cheese earlier that melted --
guess what, it's not vegan), and I was just MISERABLE.  I won't say that
vegan isn't the best for you, for the environment and for the animals.  I
just won't sit here and ignore someone who asks what happens if you crave
dairy and everyone says that she won't.  I heard that for 4 years, and id
was miserably frustrating.

At this point in time, I'm working on cutting down the dairy.  I'd like to
be vegan again -- I was incredibly healthy, and I know it's the right
thing to do... but in the end, the cravings wore me down.  You (the person
who originally asked about the savory flavors) might have better luck than
I did.  You might like nutritional yeast or cashew pimiento cheeses or
casein free soy cheese.  I hope you do... they certainly seem to be
popular with many vegans.  But in case you don't like them and continue to
crave the real stuff, at least you know you're not alone.

-Sandra Mort, 9 weeks pregnant and congested because she's in a smoggy
city, living in one room with three furred animals and eating too much
dairy... feh.