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RE: The Quest for the Tasteful Nutri Yeast

 I just found a delicious nutriional yeast.  I, like most of
 you, have found nutritional yeast disgusting.  The one I
 found that I like  is Red Star Nutritional Yeast Mini Flakes
 in a  shaker bottle.  I ordered it to try the popcorn with
 Bragg's Amino's spray and nutri yeast for cheese flavor.
 This yeast really tastes like cheese.  And the popcorn
 was delicious.  Thanks to all.  This yeast has 7calories
 from fat in 1 and 1/2 tbsp.   That is less than a gram of
 fat for a heaping tbsp.  Low enough to shake a little on
 popcorn.  I am now going to try the cheese sub recipies
 I have seen for dip. Can't tell you where to get it as I
 ordered from my co-op.