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tofu cheese/banana bread/basmati

To Gloriamarie: Have you tried "NuTofu"? It's a FF non-dairy cheese from the
HFS that comes in cheddar, jack, and mozzarella flavors. I have tried only
the cheddar and like it. It melts fairly well in the microwave. (I'm vegan
and also have a very limited sweet tooth.

To those having trouble with the banana bonanza bread: Did you use baking
powder or baking soda? The recipe as posted listed baking powder in the list
of ingredients but the instructions said to stir in the flour and baking
soda. Maybe the original posters would clarify this point. (I made it with
baking soda and liked the result. I also used only half the sugar and threw
in some raisins, also added cinnamon and nutmeg in the batter as well as on
top, and served it with FF vanilla yogurt for dessert. Quite tasty.)

To Fran: We get brown basmati in the States. Check your source. If you can't
get it, I wouldn't deprive myself of the white. It was such a wonderful
flavor and aroma.

Cheers, Carla