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Nutritional yeast,spinach macaroni, and soy milk

Three things:

Firstly, (the inevitable question...), What is the nutritional make-up of
nutritional yeast? I was very impressed when I used it for the first time
with plain maccaroni, but I am curious to know how many calories ...etc. I
am consuming.

Secondly, I found these noodles at my HFS back home that
come in a variety of forms like spinach, tomato and whole wheat.  Same
question, are these variations any better calorie wise than the normal

Lastly, for my fellow Canadians looking for soy and rice milk, I
have seen them available in quite a few of the smaller HFSs in Kitchener,
Huntsville and Toronto, Ontario. Larger grocery stores do not seem
interested in carrying them (or they are just conforming to government 



Will K. Kossert                                         
Ford Product Development - ACD                            
Dearborn, MI                                                          
Physically, I am in Detroit, Michigan; mentally I am in Toronto, Ontario.