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	Just wanted to toss in my point of view.  I'm doing the MWL and I 
wasnt a vegetarian.  To me its easy to start with limited food, 
easier than having more choices.  Whenever I tryed to go vegetarian 
it just never worked- other stuff kept creeping in.  Probably I'm 
just in the right mind set this time.  Rather than preparing for it 
(as suggested by McD) and agonizing over it I just woke up and said 
to myself- you have enough of the right stuff for many meals- lets go 
for it NOW.  That was the day after I picked up the book.  I do 
intend to move into his regular plan when I've reached at least my 
FIRST goal, or hopefully later, I figure I will add in pasta and fat 
free dairy slowly.  Then again maybe I like this coz its a challenge.


> Heh.  I'm a vegetarian and I wouldn't be able to bear that program.
> To be fair to him, though, he only suggests the MWL program for those
> who don't lose the weight they want on his regular program -- e.g. for
> stubborn cases.