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McDougall Question

Why couscous may be on the McDougall Maximum Weight Loss Plan?  Or how
"whole" does a whole-grain have to be?  Having worked as a professional
health supportive chef  for over eight years, most recently in the Dr.
Ornish Heart Reversal Program in New York,  I am familiar with the
"whole-grain" demise and how do we categorize grains that fall under the
"semi-whole" or just complete "fake".  

Though it's true that whole-wheat couscous is not a complete
"whole-grain" it is a "semi whole-grain".  Couscous is a pre-cut and
boiled pasta, thus categorizing it under the category of processed
whole-grain pastas.  However, like other semi-real whole-grain pasta,
like whole wheat, corn, quinoa and corn, whole-wheat cous cous is
considered more "whole-grain" depending on the ratio of whole-grain to
non whole-grain.

Those of us in the profession manytimes will look for easy transferable
foods that look and taste similar to the "processed white-grain
products".  For those that are confused and scared of grain
products,using "semi whole-grain pasta can be a friendly way to bring
folks down this path.  

My experience has shown me that quinoa alone scares folks, but put it in
a pasta form and wham, someone tries it.  The same goes for whole-wheat
couscous.  Maybe that's why it's there for all of us and John McDougall,
'cause everybody loves pasta.

elizabeth kapstein