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Calcium fortification in Canada (NOT)

Jacqueline wrote:
> Karen wrote:
> >I notice there are many Canadians on this newsletter.  I am in Windsor,
> >Ontario and have been told that Canada is not allowed to import soy or
> >rice milk that has been fortified with calcium.  Does everyone else have
> >this problem.  (I hate going to Detroit, Mi for groceries because I hate
> >crossing the border on the way home and waiting in line to pay duties
> >and taxes 8^(
> Yep, our government feels that these products compete unfairly with 'real'
> milks and cheeses.  Go figure.
> Jacqueline
> in Barrie, Ontario

Can you say "dairy lobby"? 8-( Anybody would think there were no people with
milk allergies/intolerances in Canada ... I wonder if we could order them by
mail from somewhere???

Hadass in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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