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FF: crockpot cookery

>I just got a crockpot and have not yet tried it.  Could anyone tell me some
>good recipes for it?  Is there a cookbook you recommend?

The best source of info I ever received came with my crockpot.. Those
manuals that come with appliances are a terrific source of info!! And I
used to be oh so scrupulous with cooking, but now i wing everything.  There
is no need to go to the expense of purchasing a cookbook, unless you want
to.  And I should talk, books are attracted to me as metal to a magnet.

I have been cooking a lotta years and now with ff cooking, life is
easier..no pre-browning...Just take any recipe you like and cook it.  Most
important thing to do is to arrange the items so that those which take
longer to cook are placed at the bottom, and those that take less are piled
into it more or less the order of more time to less time.  However, I
rarely even bother with that anymore.  I do get my beans on the bottom, but
everything else is just piled in...and since most of us load the crockpot,
set it on low and return to it some 8-10 hours later (assuming one commutes
to work) I find that everything cooks just fine.

I find it is best to add spices and herbs near the end of the cooking time
as the long cooking tends to eliminate the flavor.  I leave garlic in
pretty big chunks and I use a lot of it and slow cooking causes the garlic
to permeate every nook and cranny in the most delightful way.

Gloriamarie     gma@xxxxxxxx
In La Mesa, CA, 1 town east of San Diego, "listenig to the rhythm of the
falling rain" on 9/25/97, unheard of and so wonderfully welcome!!