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Re: Kids lunches

     Regarding the query about kids lunches, I've found that pasta and 
     tomato sauce can't go wrong, at least with our son.  He doesn't care 
     for the fancy stuff when it comes to the sauce.  I've found that 
     making it taste as close to Chef Boyardees as possible is a sure fire 
     winner.  I mix a few tablespoons of non-dairy parmesan (I can't recall 
     the brand name) with a large can of tomato puree, heat and then store 
     in the fridge.  Every day, I send a different shaped pasta (bow ties, 
     elbow twists, ruffles  "o's" ) along with the sauce, for his lunches.  
     A wide mouth thermos is also something we couldn't do with out (if 
     you're sending lunches to school with your little one).  You fill it 
     with very hot water and let it sit for five minutes.  Then add the 
     pasta (heated on the stove or in the micro wave).  We do this almost 
     every school morning and when he does have some food left over (which 
     is rare), it's still warm at 6:00 in the evening!  On some days, we 
     give him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a soy (or rice) cheese 
     sandwich on whole wheat with soy "mayonnaise".  We also send a few 
     snacks such as muffins, pretzel sticks or nuggets, plums and bananas 
     and home made granola.  Apple juice in a thermos is also a safe bet.  
     Hope this helps.