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Wanted: SPICY HOT.......

Hi:  Could you all share some recipes with me?

I'm looking to make some Christmas gifts for my dad (since he's so hard to
buy for I thought I'd him somethings)....he ENJOYS SPICY HOT FOODS so I'm
asking for spicy hot recipes.  He has no health problems so he isn't
limited to what he can eat.  

I am looking for recipes for:  BREAD, DIPS or SAUCES that are spicy HOTTER
than usual!

I've got a recipe for jalapeno peppers bread but that seems a little messy
to work with -- would any of you have a recipe for making a similair bread
without using the jalapeno peppers but something else thats equally has

I'm thanking you in ADVANCE, so I don't feel guilty if I forget to thank
someone at the time they send in the recipe (sometimes I get sidetracked)

But I REALLY do appreciate anyone taking the time to send me recipes, I've
already checked several sites on the internet and don't find much in the
category that I want.

till later, Lynn