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I've been taking recipes from the fatfree archive for a long time, 
and finally subscribed to the mailing list.  Now it's time for me to 
contribute something back to all you wonderful people who've kept me 
eating healthy for all this time.

I've been disappointed looking for a vegan lasagna recipe, so here's 


.5 c yeast flakes
.25 c flour white or whole wheat work equally well
.25 c cornstarch
1 t salt
.5 t garlic powder
2 c cold water
.5 t mustard (I've omitted the mustard and used vegetable bouillon
with good results) 
2 lemons juiced
Mix all ingredients thoroughly, consider using a blender or food 
processor.  Heat until thick, stirring constantly.  Set aside. You 
could also add some of that carrot pulp everybody has been talking 

canned tomatoes
canned tomato sauce
canned tomato paste
anything else you want
Heat through.  It's going in the lasagna to be baked anyway.

Almost everybody has a favorite Italian tomato sauce, use it or get a
jar of the vegetarian pizza sauce or spaghetti sauce (check the label,
they love to slip meat and olive oil in them!)

Use lasagna noodles prepared according to the package or your
preference, or if you've done like I've done and gotten everything
else ready and discovered that there are no lasagna noodles in the
cupboard, make crepes.  They are a little softer than noodles.

Crepe Noodles: 2 c pastry flour 
2.5-3 c water 1
t salt

Mix flour, salt and 2.5 c water together until smooth and very thin,
adding water to achieve the consistency of cooking oil. Using a
non-stick crepe pan, whisper PAM over it three times or give one very
short burst of non-stick spray, then wipe with a paper towel.  If your
non-stick pan is in great shape, you don't need anything else. Heat
the pan until a drop of water sizzles and vanishes. Pour in about .5 c
of the batter and swirl like a crepe. Cook until it releases from the
pan with curled edges, then flip and cook on the other side till
slightly brown. Repeat until all the batter is gone. This goes pretty

I also sometimes make lasagna noodles with 1 c pastry flour, 1 c
whole wheat flour and finely chopped spinach, but
that's a lot of work.  If you decide to do this, double it and make
some spaghetti, too.  They dry well hanging in the dark pantry. 

lasagna sauce
tomato sauce
fresh raw spinach laid out leaf to leaf
repeat till you run out of something.  Try to end up with the cheetz

bake uncovered at 350 till cheetz is brown and the sauce is bubbly.  
Let cool, the cheetz sets just like the dairy stuff does, well close.

The Cheetz is a marriage of fake cheese recipes from "The New Farm
Vegetarian Cookbook" and "Of These May Ye Freely Eat" modified to
reduce the fat. The Crepe Noodles come from "The New Farm Vegetarian

Don M. McDonald
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