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Stupid things to do (Seitan)

One is sticking your tongue to a metal flagpole in the middle of winter
when the temperature is below freezing.

Another is disagreeing with our esteemed list owner about making seitan.

I now have the cleanest pair of hands outside of an operating room.

I've got a seitan log simmering on the stove at the moment.  Made the
seitan m'self.

I followed the "Joy of Cooking" suggestion of letting a roll of wheat
and water soak for two hours.  Then I started kneading the dough, and
kneading, and pouring out cloudy starch-filled water.  I finally
remembered a discussion I had once with a seitan maker and she had said
to have the water being constantly replaced with running water.

Did that and did that and...SEITAN!  Some of the purest I've ever seen
to boot.

Methinks the key was to let the dough soak for the two hours under
water.  It really seemed to soften the carbo content and it fairly well
gushed out.

Whole process probably took 20 or so minutes.  But for the price of two
cups of wheat berries (anyone want to divide the number of cups in 50
pounds of wheat berries--I buy 50 pounds at a time 'cause I mill my own
flour) I got about three cups of flour and a a log of seitan about 10
inches long and about an inch or so thick.

One of these days I'll learn not to dispute Michelle.  She's been in
this a lot longer than I have.

Best part of the experience was that the entire operation was a LOT less
sticky than my previous attempts at making the stuff, even making it
from the boxed mix.

I'll let you know how good it tasted tomorrow!

Beverly Kurtin