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RE: Gluten Free Products

Willi asked:

>I was wondering what the benefits are with using gluten-free products
>for someone like myself who does not have celiacs disease.  I really enjoy
>breads and pastas but find it too easy to over-indulge on them.
>Do gluten-free breads, etc. have fewer carbohydrates, more protein?

Hi Willi,
	I can answer that one.  The answer to your question is No.  In
fact, many of us (who have Celiac Disease) also have diabetes.   And, for
those with diabetes, eating gluten free (GF) is even more of a challange as
the  GF flours are mostly cargohydrates.  We also have a bit of trouble
getting enough roughage into our breads.  Basically, if you don't have the
disease, then don't bother with the GF breads.  You will definately be
paying more for less, both monitarily and nutritionally.  And lastly, when
it comes to making the breads and rolls, the only thing that makes them
pallateable are eggs and oils...  hence, I rarely make or eat them.

	Something to consider... I have read in many places that those who
are allergic/intollerant to something will often over indulge in that
substance (I did).  Have you been tested for allergies?  Wheat is a very
common allergy.

	As for the GF pastas, there are many on the market that are made of
corn, or a mixture of corn and quinoa, and they *are* wonderful.  They have
no eggs or oils in them, but you must be careful not over cook!!!  You
might try some of these for variety.  Gabrielle Pasta Co. makes some of the
finest in my opinion.  My favorite is their "Sun Dried Tomato and Basil."
It's so good I often eat it without sauce.   (standard disclaimer applies
here:  I only like their products and have no monitary interest in the

Hope this helps,

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