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Re: Medication dangers

Mike wrote:
> I don't think this is off topic. Diet drugs
> have always been dangerous.

Actually it is.  The best way to determine if something is on/off
topic is to ask yourself: is what I have to say of interest to someone
who has absolutely *zero* interest in health issues, and is, in fact,
tired of hearing about them? If not, then this isn't the correct forum
to use.  Whether you think it is important that they hear this
information is irrelevent.

There are several other excellent forums for discussion of health
issues.  For health topics related to vlf veg diets, one of our
readers, Neal Pickney, runs a mailing list which specifically allows
such discussion.  There are also general health lists, non-low-fat
vegetarian lists, low-fat non-vegetarian lists, vegan lists, and so

If you'd like to see what sort of lists are out there, here is a good
starting point:



Michelle Dick
Owner, FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List