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Medication dangers

I don't think this is off topic. Diet drugs
have always been dangerous. Recently the
newest drugs have been taken off market
due to serious heart problems. Meanwhile,
most of the readers and followers of Michelle's
list have been spared this terrible tragedy 
with wonderful recipes and internet fellowship.

How SAD that most Americans are looking for
a "pill" for weight control, when the
real answer is daily exercise and VLF 
vegetarianism. The answer is in front of
them--not at a fatty restaurant that
refuses to prepare healthy food for us.

In the mean time, the leading cause
of death in this Country remains 
heart and cardiovascular diseases.

Two years ago the president of the American
Heart Association, a physician, announced:

"We have the ability to stop cardiac disease
 in our Country. Why are we not doing this now?"

The answer is indeed SAD. 

Mike Rosenblatt