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our resident comic

Bev - you crack me up!!

Now I will never knead bread again without thinking about you referring to
the "baby tush" stage!  One question;  do you let your pizza dough rise again
once you've rolled it out and put it on the pan, or does the one rise do it?

Now, I'm not terribly careful about VLF eating when I'm eating out, but you
all have made me very conscious about it.  The other day I was eating at a
relatively healthy mexican place (I know the owner and he himself is vegan,
but the place does serve meat and some high fat fare).  The guy next to me
looked like one of the people Bev describes from her stroke group. He had one
of those fried taco shell things with meat and topped with the most sour
cream I've ever seen in one place.  A heart attack waiting to happen! I was
just hoping that he wouldn't keel over while I was sitting next to him!

Thanks for all the recipes and inspiration!  I'm thinking of getting some of
the McDougall books for my mom.