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Cutting boards

I could be very wrong about this, but I recall reading a year or two
back that wooden boards absorb and neutralize bacteria while plastic
cutting boards collect wonderful (bad) cultures in the tiny cuts and
cracks in their surfaces.

Anyone using any one of my breadboards for anything other than preparing
bread would find themselves in danger of an in-kitchen version of road
rage and had better be prepared to protect themselves <G>.

Back in my SAD days I always used a wooden board and washed it with hot
water and soap, let it dry, and every now and then used a little cooking
oil to reseal it.

My main concern today is that bacteria from VEGETABLES could collect, so
I use only a wooden board to prepare my veggies (that is when I don't
let my food processor do all the work).

Again, I could be wrong, but there is something in the wood itself that
kills bacteria.  Using glass might present the same problems as plastic?

It sure is nice NOT to be an expert in these things.

Bev Kurtin