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Seitan revisited

Michelle wrote: "What I do is make a dough out of flour and water and
knead to develop the gluten."  

Do you use any particular water to wheat ratio to start?  Also do you
prefer a very finely milled or a rougher milled flour?  I freshly mill
mine using a pretty fine setting as I wanted to get the carbos up and
out asap. Should I have tried a rougher textured grind, like maybe

Also, about how long does it take for you to feel confident that you've
gotten to the protien stage, or does the clairity of the water pretty
much tell you that?

Although I still love to knead dough, I always start with any dough in a
professional quality food processor, so my dough is pretty well kneaded
by the time it leaves it.  I'll continue kneading by hand if necessary,
but because of my combined disabilities my stamina is now a tad limited.

Also you said, "I prefer to use gluten powder."  Are you referring to
vital wheat gluten or is there another powdered gluten I don't know