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Nutritional Yeast - Analysis

For those interested in Nutritional Yeast, this is the Nutritional
Information for 'Healtheries Savoury Yeast Flakes', a New Zealand brand:
Serving size 6g (one tablespoon)
			per serving	per 100g

Energy			89kJ		1408kJ
			(21Cal)		(353Cal)
Protein			2.9g		47.5g
Fat			0.06g		1.0g
	Total		2.3g		37.5g
	Sugars		trace		trace
	B1		0.09mg		1.5mg
	B2		0.03mg		0.5mg
	B3		0.2mg		2.5mg
	B5		0.06mg		1.5mg
	B6		0.01mg		0.2mg
	Calcium		0.1mg		2.0mg
	Iron		0.04mg		0.6mg
	Sodium		95mg		1575mg
	Potassium	0.01mg		0.2mg

This is definitely the good-tasting variety, as the packet says it makes a
tasty addition to soups, stews, gravy or snacks, can be melted on toast,
and is popular with children - also there were packets of Healtheries
Brewer's Yeast on the same shelf in the HFS, so they must be different. 
It's a pity it is so high in Sodium though.

Thanks for all your interesting recipes!

Aussie Robin.