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Italian Tofu balls over pasta and spinach

Hooray to J. Bennicoff for the wonderful Italian Tofu balls:

Here's a delicious modification:

Make tofu balls according to the recipe that J. Bennicoff
wrote. They are made with chopped vegetables and baked in
a medium oven for 30-40 minutes. They are covered with
corn meal and turn out slightly crunchy when roasted.


Prepare using Dixie Diners Cheese NOT sauce:

3/4 cup water
1/2 heaping cup DD Cheese NOT sauce powder.
Bring the water to a boil and stir in the powder. 
Mix thoroughly. 

Nuke some fresh spinach in the microwave with a little
added water. 

Prepare some pasta of your choice.


Drain pasta and spinach well, so it isn't runny. Lay out
a bed of spinach on a plate. Grab a handfull of pasta and
put this on top of the spinach. Put two or three tofu balls
on top of this, and cover this with several spoonfuls of
Dixie Diner's Cheese NOT sauce. Be prepared to go back
and make more sauce. EVERYONE will want extra portions
of everything. If you have more than two people eating,
the recipe that J. Bennicoff supplied will not be enough.
It is very difficult to stop eating this stuff.
This is a rich tasting recipe that is very low in fat.

Extra chatter:

Be sure to use low fat tofu. We used Soy Deli, which is
made in San Francisco, but available all over the west
coast. It doesn't need to be pressed. Soy deli tofu has
about the best flavor of any that I have ever tasted.
There's is a family business and its recipe is a closely
guarded family secret. Their tofu is very firm, always
fresh and smells so good when you open it that you
just want to take a bite out of it, even before you
prepare it. I've done that when very hungry. Unlike
Mori Nu, it must be refrigerated. 


Mike Rosenblatt