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Re: McDougal's MWLP bummer

 wanted to express some disappointment i have with
>the MWLP plan
 it's been very hard for me to stick to.   i never seem to have
>the energy to make dinner and then i'm at a loss as to what i should eat
>and then i just give up and eat something off plan.

I have been on McDougall's Maximum Weight Loss Plan for a month.  I have
lost ten pounds and haven't been hungry.  I feel better than I've felt in
ages, maybe in my whole life!  I have more energy and need much less sleep.
People comment on how good my skin looks.

I have some suggestions that may help you.  First, eat all the time!  I ate
several times a day for about three weeks, then suddenly I just didn't get
hungry and now I eat much less.  Especially that four o'clock in the
afternoon time.  Take some rice cakes to work and/or a bag of washed and
peeled carrots.  Eat just before you leave for home, or even on the way home.

Get rid of everything that isn't on the program.  Give it away to a food
pantry or to friends.  You don't need it, and someone else can use it.  Keep
lots of snack stuff around.  I keep a bowl of rice & bean salad in the
fridge - brown rice, garbanzo beans, black beans, corn, green peppers, and
lots of salsa.  I eat a bowl whenever I get the nibbles.  I make hot air
popcorn just about every night and spray salt water on it.   Each time you
make anything, make double and freeze the rest in small portions so you can
pop them into the microwave for an instant meal or snack.

And most important, don't wait until you get home in the evening to plan and
prepare dinner.  Prepare it the night before or in the morning, if you have
time.  Have it all ready so you only have to put it in the microwave.  Don't
do the thinking when you're starving.  It won't work.  In fact, don't
starve.  Never get too hungry.  Eat.

Good luck and stick with it!   It's worth it!