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Re MicroChip Maker


    Ooo, your topping of yeast flakes and onion powder on the potato chips
sounds good!  Do you just sprinkle it on after they crisp or have you found
an easy way to season them before they bake.  When I've sprinkled
seasonings on afterward, they've just slid off .. but I mostly make
tortilla chips and have only perfected that technique ;).  Would love to
know how you do it.

    For the record, about melting the MicroChip ... only about 2 or 3 of
the slots warped, really ... I can still use all of them.  It was with
apple slices unattended for too long .. too high a sugar content, I guess
.. and it must have burned at a very high temperature.  Since these were
$20. + tax and shipping here on TV (much as I love gadgets, I passed), I
*loved* finding it for $5. :))     And ... sad to say, Woolworth's has gone
out of business here, just recently.