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McDougal's MWLP bummer

hey all,

i've only posted once but wanted to express some disappointment i have with
the MWLP plan that i know a lot of you are on.  i read a lot about it here
and got the book.  it seemed great but it's been very hard for me to stick
to.  i was following dr. ornish guidelines before and that was very easy
but i just can't seem to keep up with the MWLP plan.  i never seem to have
the energy to make dinner and then i'm at a loss as to what i should eat
and then i just give up and eat something off plan.  it seems to be
affecting me the same way a "traditional" diet would i.e. feeling bummed by
not eating things i want and not knowing what to eat or how much.  anyone
have any suggestions?  tips for the MWLP that might help me with my time
issues.  i could use a little motivation.


shelley e
the ever confused one