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Roasted Tomato Sauce

Hi to Virginia and others interested:

The Roasted Tomato Sauce recipe you posted is the best
thing in this world!  Just wonderful and
I am trying to figure out how to keep this in my fridge
over the winter.

We have a short growing season here and since I had just a
few tomatoes, I looked in the produce
section of my grocery.  I found oldish tomatoes, somewhat
bruised and not so pretty but not so
bad, either.  I paid 50cents for a package of six, so
combined with what I had , this was enough to
make the recipe.  It took a full four hours to roast down
to a marmelade but it was worth it, this is
great on crackers, toasted muffins, just anything.  My
mother used to make a simple, peasanty kind
of tomato pudding using canned tomatoes and old bread. 
This sauce recipe, spread on toast, brings
that pudding to mind.

Thanks for the recipe, it will get around in my world!

Jo in Minnesota