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Baby Food

I also made all of my little guys food from the start and I too used the icecube
tray idea.  It worked wonderfully.  Everything froze well in a good quality freezer
bag and I had no problems with things being freezer burned or crystallized.  I did
all variety of fruits and vegetables and, later on, stews.  Tho, I admit I haven't
raised him completely vegetarian because of limitations where he attends
daycare.  He eats a very balanced diet that incorporates legumes and some
lean meats in small quantities (my husband is not a vegetarian either) and I am
proud to say when he asks for a snack he always wants a banana or other fruit,
a rice cake or cheese and he always eats his broccoli or asparagus first on his
plate.  None of my SAD friends kids has ever eaten this well, esp.  in the
greens department.

For now, just expose him/her (sorry don't remember which) to a wide variety of
foods and keep introducing new ones.  If they don't like it right away, try again
later.  The worst that will happen is they refuse it, the best that will happen is
that they will love it.  I just keep hoping my 18 mo. old continues on this way.

You mentioned beans...my son has been popping back chickpeas for months
now like a snack.   I would say introduce small quanities of lentils and other soft
beans in stews or thick soup-like meals.  They can always be part pureed with
some left whole.  Anyway, good luck and if you want any other advice, let me