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Re: Baby Food

Julie Finnigan wrote about making baby food.

I also made my own baby food for my children, and I would like to 
pass on this experience, even tho' it is not strictly *kosher* for 
this list.

I pureed everything, then strained it to make it as lump-free as the 
commercial bottled variety for my first daughter.  As a toddler and 
until recently she developed a  dislike for anything with lumps in - beans 
counted as lumps!  If it was smooth, had no texture, and could be 
swallowed without chewing (like mashed potato or yoghurt)  she'd eat it.
 (Fortunately she has now learned to eat whatever is put in front of her - it 
was that or go hungry!)

The next baby came along, and I did *not* strain the food. In fact, 
as she grew older, I deliberately made the baby food more and more 
textured.  I have never had any problems with her - she'll eat/chew 

Oh, and I froze the food in ice cube trays, and then put the cubes 
into plastic bags in the freezer.  Simply thaw in the fridge/warm up 
in a steamer or microwave the required number.
of cubes - no mess, no fuss.
Fran Watts 
Ballito, South Africa
"What your mind can conceive, your body can achieve"